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A Brief Re-Introduction

If the server stats are to be believed, there are literally tens of you that are reading the site each week (tens!). To accommodate this influx of new readers, I thought that I’d write up a brief synopsis of the ways that Ben and I run role-playing campaigns, as they are quite different from the traditional method that most people assume as the default.

Firstly, we run campaigns with a distinct beginning and ending, and a clear story arc. After a campaign is completed, we start over in a new setting with new characters. With discrete campaigns, there is less emphasis placed on character improvement, and more emphasis placed on character development. Since developing the characters is a major component of the stories that we try to tell, we spend a lot of time and effort making sure that the player characters are complex and interesting. We try to build a story that fits the characters, rather than characters that fit the story. The goal is for each character to feel like they are the star of the story, and that their stories just happen to overlap. To that end, we allow and even encourage players to have parts of the story that they participate in separately, and if a player’s character is not in the scene, that player is not in the room.

I’m really interested in settings and characters, and most of my posts tend to lean in that direction. Ben is more interested in the craft and tools of GMing, and writes a lot of posts exploring that space. We both have a compulsive habit of thinking about how you would adapt movies and tv shows and books into role-playing campaigns. We usually put up new posts on Tuesday mornings. We’re enjoying writing for the site, and we hope that you’re enjoying reading it.

I’ve linked to most of the articles listed below in the text above, but for your convenience, here’s a handy list of what I think of as the “foundational” articles for the way we do things.

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  1. Rob
    July 1, 2010 at 10:10 am

    I am told that many counters don’t account for people who read blogs via RSS feeds. If that is the case with your’s you might have more readers than you think. Maybe even dozens!

  2. July 1, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    I second Rob above. If you check your server logs, most of the major rss readers will tell you how many readers they are crawling on behalf of. Check the client lines.

  3. Stewart
    July 2, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    Thanks for the encouragement guys. I have somewhat mixed feelings about the reader numbers. On the one hand, Ben and I are writing here because we enjoy it and feel like we have novel things to say on the topic. Even if nobody were reading, it is still intrinsically rewarding to structure and formalize our ideas. On the other hand, I really feel like some of the ways that we do things are better than the way that other people do it, and I want to spread the gospel so that they can have better role-playing experiences. Thanks for spending a little of your time each week reading what we have to say; I hope that you are finding it rewarding.

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